Uncle Sid:

Keep Rockin CC!

  Uncle Sid:

Keep Rockin CC!

  Uncle Sid:

Keep Rockin CC!


Your Music' Your Song 9: PM Everyday : have your music played on HSB Radio tune in 9:PM


Listen To WIN $500 Dollars 5 times a day !! "WHEN YOU HEAR" - (THE MONSTERS ROAR)

  Screaming Streisands:

Screaming Streisands new CD Shake your Tits due out,,, mid October


Be on The next Radio Commercial!! GO to our BAND PAGE ! Say Hello - Tell us Why you listen to HSB Radio - or 1 tell us something funny 2 play a acoustic song 3 will leave the rest to you .

  Kenny Don't Care:

Check out Kenny Don't Care at the Vancouver's Roxy, Wednesday, May 24, around 9 PM. At least three hard rocking bands will take to the stage that evening.

KDC is an all-originals, classic-progressive heavy rock outfit offering the occasional ballad. They are performing one song from their first album (Lynn), one new song (Lead For Gold), and a wack of heavy-hitters from their in-the-works second album, Meat Locker Maybes.

Kenny Don't Care is a one of a kind rock outfit. Don't miss this must-see event at the Roxy.


do you have a song that you want HSB Radio to Play live ON AIR. Send HSB a email with link to your song or post your request


HSB Presents 2 spins a day post request of your song, or send us a e mail with your song




Dazed n Amused, Alive n' Kissin', American Woman
Sat. April 29th

  Incognito Theory:

Hey guys , Dave vocalist of Incognito Theory here . check out and request our new single Reckoning ..
thank you for all your support .
Cold Cock Whiskey sponsored artists
Incognito Theory
new lp ashes divide coming this summer


HSB Presents ( 2 Spins A Day ) Request your song, and receive 2 Spins !!



  Los Furios:

Play our song HSB RADIO

  The Rick Shaw:

JAN 19 Thursday Night DIRKSCHNEIDER (Original Vocalist of Accept), Holocaust Lord, Turbo Vixen, Iron Kingdom

  burn hollywood burn:

Hey cc whats up CHURCH BELLE



  R u IN are you in:

Request Walking On My Grave


hi to every one out there wishing all a Merry holidays, HSB START A FIRE

  Uncle Sid:

Keep Rockin with Uncle Sid HSB!
Good Rockin night CC!

Hello Sidizens!

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Keep Rockin with Uncle Sid,
you'll be glad you did!

Peace, Love and Rock'n Metal

  Kirk October:

Great live show tonight!!


HSB Presents ( 2 Spins A Day ) Request your song, and receive 2 Spins !!




You guys at HSB are doing a great attribute to Van music and from all over, keep it Rockin spin our track Stop The World


hello HSB our request is RAMPAGE and thank you very much 2 spins hell yea

  Incognito Theory:

Incognito Theory thanks HSB !
Our long awaited CD Ashes Divide is coming winter 2017
Till then check out our single. Draw The Line

  The Niche:


  State of Anomie:

hey saw the link on facebook our post is OPTIMUS

  The Bright Light Motion:

Hello to all can we request Wither 2 spins THANK YOU

  Lung Flower:

Hello to all we heard that bands get 2 spins of there music if we post a request (SLAVE OF THE NEW AGE)

  Gladyss Patches:

Hi to every one at HSB play our request, Bottom With Me


HSB 2 spins "SET ME FREE"

  Chasey Rae:

Hello everyone at HSB Radio! Can you Play "The Lonely Hitchhiker"?




10 OUT OF 10 CC

  Black Sugar:

Hello everyone at HSB RADIO 2 Spins a day woooo!!! play our song NOTHING MATERS


Sex Drop And Roll

  The ReAktion:

what sup ,spin out track THE NETWORK

  Vancouver Killing Spree:

Hello HSB Vancouver Request Poor Impulse control


Whats up HSB play Cold Sweat!

  Chasey Rae:

Whats up HSB! Can you please Spin "The Lonely Hitchhiker!"

  Jesus Krysler:

Cut My Brain


Whats up HSB play our song KING

  Ages 2020:

Thanks for supporting our band can we hear Kiss Of politics

  Jezebels Kiss:

Hello HSB Sweet 16 !!


spin our track LIFTED


HSB is in support of independent music, get 2 spins a day. Post your request of your track "It's that easy" We hope to hear from you all.

Get started today !

  Vidal Street:

Yo!! CC play our song Davie jones



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